Artec Studio 12 brings a whole new level of automated features, designed with speed and usability in mind. The software continues to be best in class in texture and geometry tracking meaning you don’t need to put targets on your object. Just point and shoot to capture 3D scans. Here are the latest key features at a glance.


Artec Studio 12

High precision

Whether you choose Autopilot or manual mode, Artec Studio never compromises on precision.

Artec Studio 12

Optional advanced settings

Artec Studio features a full range of advanced settings giving experienced users full control and flexibility.

Artec Studio 12

Built with speed in mind

Powerful technologies to process your data in seconds.

Artec Studio 12

Portable 3D scanning and processing

Scan and process your data all on a tablet! Combine this with the Artec battery pack, and you have a fully mobile 3D scanning solution!

Artec Studio 12

Direct compatibility with CAD

Artec Studio features direct export to Design X and SOLIDWORKS, making the scan to CAD process even easier.

Artec Studio 12

Scan with 3D sensors

A great way to start exploring the world of 3D scanning: the Artec Studio Ultimate edition is also compatible with 3D sensors, such as Kinect for Windows, so you can learn all the skills you need to be a true 3D scanning professional.

  • Artec Studio 12

    Workflow 1


    For highly accurate results in a few easy, automated steps.

    Scan your object and then enter Autopilot to process all your data automatically.

    Perfect for beginners to achieve professional, high precision results. A great time saver for advanced users.

    Artec Studio 12
  • Artec Studio 12

    Workflow 2

    Manual Mode

    For highly accurate results, with full control and flexibility during the process.

    Scan your object and choose the post processing settings yourself.

    Advanced users have a full range of powerful tools to manipulate their 3D data exactly as they like.

  • Artec Studio 12

    Workflow 3

    Build your 3D model as you scan

    For instant results, with no post-processing.

    Build your 3D model as you scan. Using Real-Time Fusion scanning mode, move the scanner around the object and see your model developing as you go.

    Ideal for making 3D copies of simple objects, such as the human body, or for getting a quick preview.

    Artec Studio 12


Artec 3D scanners compatible with AS12: Artec Leo, Eva, Eva Lite, Space Spider, Spider, plus discontinued models (MH and MHT series AG, AC, W2 and T2). Other series of discontinued scanners work with Artec Studio 12 only in Windows 7 and only after these steps have been taken. The next version of Artec Studio (13) will not support the discontinued scanners.

Support for Artec Studio 8 ended January 2016, which was announced with the release of Artec Studio 10 in April 2015.

Direct scan to CAD

Artec Studio 12

Quadro compatible, Artec Studio 12 is integrated with several indispensable tools for engineers, product developers and designers to provide them the fastest and smoothest path from 3D scan to CAD.

Now you can export your 3D model to 3D Systems Design X in just one click. And by installing the DezignWorks plugin on your computer, there’s nothing simpler than landing your 3D model in SOLIDWORKS, – just push the «Export to SOLIDWORKS» button in Artec Studio for a fast, seamless workflow.

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