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The MicroScribe® is a portable metrology tool used to determine precise point-by-point digital measurements. Used by the world’s top companies across a variety of industries, the MicroScribe® has aided surgeons in hip-replacement design, helped archeologists measure fossils in the field and automotive engineers redesign custom parts for classic cars.

Which MicroScribe® is Best for You?


the MicroScribe® desktop system comes in two versions, the general purpose MicroScribe G series and the higher accuracy MicroScribe® M series.

The MicroScribe® digitizer is used as a point-to-point, edge-to-edge data collection tool or an alignment tracker for attached laser scanners or other types of sensing devices. This desktop system comes in two versions, the general purpose MicroScribe® G series and the higher accuracy MicroScribe M series. Each series offers two working volumes, 50” and 66” and comes with either five (5) or six (6) degrees of freedom. The six degree of freedom (6DoF) systems add a rotating stylus appropriate for the attachment of laser scanners and other sensing devices.

MicroScribe® digitizing systems capture the physical properties of three-dimensional objects and accurately translate them into complete three-dimensional models. The counterbalanced mechanical arm is equipped with precision bearings for smooth, effortless manipulation. Each joint uses digital optical sensors, which are immune from any environmental noise and interference. This creates a versatile system that can work in most any environment and be used with solid objects of most any material.

MicroScribe® G three-dimensional digitizers offer a fast, flexible and affordable solution for many manufacturing, concept-to-product engineering, model making and graphic arts applications. With accuracy of up to 0.009-inch, the MicroScribe G digitizing system is cost-effective tool for engineering, graphic arts, animation, medical and other applications.

MicroScribe® M portable CMM digitizers supply a new, more cost-effective alternative for manufactured parts inspection, concept-to-product engineering and high-accuracy 3D digitizing. With accuracy of up to 0.002-inch, the MicroScribe M digitizing system is cost-effective tool for metrology, inspection, engineering, and other precision measurement applications.

For more information please see the following brochures:

MicroScribe M Product Brochure (670 KB)
MicroScribe G Product Brochure (600 KB)


G Series M Series
Accuracy .009" .002"
Work sphere diameter 50" (Standard arm)
66" (Long arm)
50" (Standard arm)
66" (Long arm)
Weight 7.9 lbs 12.0 lbs
Universal Power supply 100V to 240V 100V to 240V
Connectivity USB 2.0/Serial USB 2
OS compatibility Windows 2000,XP,7,8
32-bit & 64-bit
Windows 2000,XP,7,8
32-bit & 64-bit
Operating temp 15°C to 35°C 15°C to 35°C
Storage temp -20°C to 70°C -20°C to 70°C
Operating humidity 10-90% non-condensing 10-90% non-condensing
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